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Gender-based violence and Call to Action

Gender-based violence and Call to Action

by Natasa Adlesic Barba -
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My discussion topic is in relation to Slovenia's commitments to Call to Action (CtA). We have committed ourselves to improve the knowledge of our humanitarian and development actors (NGOs, implementing agencies, other) about the gender-based violence (GBV).

Since we are organising a workshop for all those attending the international missions in the following months, in November, we thought that including GBV and CtA would be a nice way to upgrade the programme as well as to complement our activities within the CtA. 

The part on GBV would last one (rather short) session of 1 - 1.5h. Ideally, we would make a combination of a webinar/international speaker presenting the outline of GBV and the CtA and a national speaker presenting lessons from the ground. 

My question is: are there any existing webinar on GBV that you might have come across or any international speakers that would be willing to have a short presentation on webex (or any other means of communication). I would very much appreciate your assistance at this point.

Natasa, MFA Slovenia