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Invitation virtual exchange: February 11th (14h-15h30 CET)

Invitation virtual exchange: February 11th (14h-15h30 CET)

by Natalie Van den Plas -
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Topic: What changes are there to stay?

During this webinar we will shed a light on the positive changes of the digital way of working in learning settings. We’ll discuss the strength & limits of digital tools & their impact on the future way of working.

GIZ and Enabel will share their experience on which changes have had a positive impact on their activities. Following these short presentations, the members of the network will be invited to exchange on the following questions:

  • Which technique/platform/tools do you use? 
  • What are your experiences, what are limitations? 
  • What surprised you in a positive way? 
  • A look into the future: what changes are there to stay?  
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