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online consultation on the WHO Global Learning Strategy

online consultation on the WHO Global Learning Strategy

by Natalie Van den Plas -
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(message from WHO)

Hi network members,

I am pleased to inform you that we are currently running an online consultation, on the draft WHO Global Learning Strategy. 

The goal of this Strategy is to make lifelong learning in health a genuine force for improving people’s health, protecting them from emergencies and ensuring universal health coverage and better health and well-being.

The objective of this consultation is to assess the level to which the approach, objectives and goal of the draft Learning Strategy respond to the life-long-learning needs and capacity development efforts in stakeholder organizations.

👉 Please participate in the online public consultation and share your feedback on the key parameters of the WHO Learning Strategy by following this link

  • The study is in two parts - the first is a short survey about you and your organisation and the second is a Delphi study, designed to help a large number of people approach consensus on a number of questions.
  • This part of the study is repeated to give participants the opportunity to review their answers in light of those of others.
  • You will be asked to complete the first round now and the second a few days, after the first round is closed.  

Please do not forget to submit once you have answered all the questions. The end of round 1 has been set for 23rd of April.

You will receive an invitation by e-mail to complete the second round.

Thank you for your participation and please disseminate through your networks,

Christos Mylonas


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