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Team Europe eLearning course

Team Europe eLearning course

by Maria-Alejandra Rivas -
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On behalf of the EU International Partnerships Academy, we are pleased to share with you the newest course published on our platform:

Since its launch in 2020 in the COVID-19 pandemic context, Team Europe has become a stable feature of the European Union external actions in international partnerships and cooperation. Team Europe approach is a topic that raised high interest among our users, stakeholders, staff and we hope that you will find it helpful as well.

The course was developed by INTPA Academy in close collaboration with experts on Team Europe from the Directorate-General for International Partnerships and introduces the basic concepts of:

  • Team Europe
  • The Team Europe approach
  • Team Europe Initiatives
  • The Global Gateway strategy

It also presents concrete examples of Team Europe Initiatives in Kenya, Brazil, Eastern Neighbourhood Region, South Africa and more.

We would be happy to hear your thoughts about the course and kindly ask you to share it within your network in case you find it educative.

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